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A widespread incidence in my shop is the question… “Hey Loaded, how a great deal

A widespread incidence in my shop is the question…

“Hey Loaded, how a great deal is my diamond (or ring) worth?All it commonly can take is a quick eyeball,

SUBJECT… A not too long ago procured girls “Mexican” silver agate ring. 

In a fraction of a 2nd the photo is despatched to my analytical mind that compares it to my memory info base of the fifty or sixty million diamonds, stone rings and all types of jewelry I’ve witnessed in my life time calculate the present-day price tag of gold or silver, then compute the existing economic state…Click, click, whirl, whirl then ding! … Mexican silver ring origin…Cancun, Mexico

Metal… 50% silver, 50 % questionable alloy (low-cost metallic).

Gemstone …ordinary cheap agate… $1.00 a shovel complete.

Craftsmanship… Or lack of, mass generated, maybe Thailand or India.

Cost…$15.75 U.S wholesale.

Estimated charge at Mexican souvenir shop…$1,002.90 Mexican Pesos or $50 U.S. Pounds.

“Well, that just cannot be proper we compensated significantly a lot more than that!” 

Very well, I entirely envisioned to listen to that, so be… it is truly worth what you compensated for it, consider it an high-priced memento memento!

A lot more normally than not it’s generally a diamond ring that anyone bought from a “friend” in the diamond company now covered in sunlight tan lotion and gunk from different foods teams. It is much more challenging to “eyeball” so it is anybody’s guess as to what the benefit is mainly because it could be a worthless Cubic Zirconia or what appears to be very expensive rock (diamond).

It would be identical to evaluating or appraising an exotic auto from a block absent. Analyzing the worth of an essential measurement diamond consists of a little bit of time, experience, and know-how.

Which, by the way, is why there is commonly a charge to perform a diamond appraisal support.


1. Cleansing it is the initially step. Then an appraiser ought to go by way of what most every particular person has heard about to examine the price the famous 4 C’s… carat, color, clarity and slash.

2. What is the body weight of the diamond? 

3. Subsequent the appraiser have to build what the shade of the diamond is – how white or not so white?

The Gemological Institute of The united states Gem Lab, known as G.I.A., scale of coloration starts at “D” the whitest diamond dollars can buy and the even worse color ends at Z and that is a lot more faint yellow or dim gray (not incredibly desirable).  The most vital diamond will arrive with a G.I.A. appraisal certification.

4. It is then considered under a 10X magnified loupe to study it for its clarity imperfections, inclusions (AKA flaws). If the clarity is very poor, like a piece of rock salt, the price of the diamond will be small. The G.I.A. scale will get started at IF internally flawless to I3…comparable to the clarity of the rock salt I ahead of pointed out (once more not pretty fascinating). 

5. How properly cut is the diamond? Is it perfectly spherical or square or it is much too slim, skinny, or chunky? Lots of huge antique diamonds have inferior cuts owing to the diamond reducing technology that was the norm during the early and late 1800’s. The minimize is incredibly crucial to give the diamond, regardless of the shade and clarity, the the best possible brilliance and scintillation (sparkle).

6. Other crucial details – despite the fact that it is not definitely a aspect in evaluating the diamond with the present-day marketplace cost – is exactly where and when was it purchased? I usually inquire this because fairly usually the present appraised or replacement benefit can be lower than the ordered value regardless of when it was acquired.  Huh, you inquire?


This is exactly where it can get sizzling and hefty. The very simple point is some people just fork out much too substantially (aka “you received shafted”) for the good quality of the diamond they obtained. A great deal is dependent on the shops gain margin. If you purchased the rock in question at a extravagant schmancy jewelry retail store that started with costly champagne beneath crystal chandeliers on Italian marble floors and Turkish rugs the place the salespeople are putting on silk Armani fits and Gucci dresses sporting flawless coiffures and manicures exactly where the owner, “Roberto”, life in a thirty place mansion on Naples Bay, and oh, by the way…that’s his new Ferrari parked out front, you can wager he did not get all that from supplying his diamonds away at around price tag!

Purchasing diamonds for a friend in the business enterprise on 52nd Street or on the Islands while on holiday is another crimson flag for me, because you are definitely on your personal on that order. 

So, no issue what tale I hear on how great a deal one acquired on the diamond, when the diamond dust settles and all the aspects are computed in my brain, it will come down to how a lot it costs you to match or exchange the diamond you presented me to examine at the existing time – the here and now.

It’s funny or unfortunate it all depends how one seems to be at it. I cannot rely around the a long time how a lot of “perfect blue-white diamonds!”I glance at that aren’t remotely blue, white, or perfect. 

I simply cannot stress the simple fact adequate the invest in of a significant, attractive diamond can be a single of the most highly-priced purchases you make in your lifetime. You have to have overall have confidence in in the jeweler inquire to his integrity, honesty, and fairness right before you plunk down the large bucks for that chunk of shiny carbon.

In closing, don’t forget the outdated adage when inquiring the truly worth of something …Be careful what you request for, you may perhaps not like the response! 

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and a purveyor of wonderful diamonds for over fifty years he is the owner of The Harbor Goldsmith of Marco at the Island Plaza as perfectly as island’s “go to jeweler” because 1994. He welcomes your questions and reviews about “All That Glitters”, 239.394.9275.