Fade Barbershop serves as haven for participating athletics debates

Table of Contents David Womack – customer from Tampa Antonio Griffin – barber from HavanaJoshua Crutchfield

Chop Shop is a weekly summertime element with commentary of hot-button nearby and nationwide sporting activities subject areas from barbershops. This week’s debates have been from the stylists at Fade Barbershop. 

The barbershop is much more than a location to get a haircut, line-up or beard trim. It really is a social lounge with open up and unfiltered conversations on anything from politics to personal affairs. 

In this mix, sporting activities debates are generally a frequent subject matter of dialogue.

The banter spans all areas with passionate thoughts, predictions of a year and trash communicate favoring or dismissing teams.

Joshua Crutchfield is a former defensive end at Florida A&M. Nalell Kapten is one of his many clients at Fade Barbershop.

Fade Barbershop – found on 1423 South Adams Avenue in Tallahassee – is a sports haven and grooming heart rolled into one. The inside has posters of unique lower styles alongside with sports décor of Florida A&M and Florida State soccer staff portraits.

This barbershop’s key serious estate is in just strolling distance to Florida A&M College. Numerous Rattler pupil-athletes and coaches are common patrons of a number of barbers.