Interactive Cape Cod pirate fest gives experience, demonstrates and costume-up

Yar! That term could potentially be pirate-converse (as in “Yar, me matey!”), or it could

Yar! That term could potentially be pirate-converse (as in “Yar, me matey!”), or it could just be quick-type for the town of Yarmouth, which is the place for the inaugural Cape Cod Pirate Pageant.

The function will be held all working day at Skull Island Journey Golfing in South Yarmouth, under the watchful eye of the attraction’s huge skull and on Route 28, which could be regarded as the area’s “pirate mile” — there’s also a pirate-themed miniature golf study course and the Whydah Pirate Museum close by.

Producer Chris Edwards describes the pageant as “environmental theater.”

“You’ll (be likely) into this planet where the ecosystem close to you IS the event.” You develop into section of the two-working day outside knowledge, he suggests, likening it to the immersive ambiance of a Renaissance festival such as King Richard’s Faire in Carver.

The pirate party will be an interactive expertise as perfectly as out of doors entertainment. Guests can see a magic clearly show, listen to some pirate rock ‘n’ roll or hear to seafaring music delivered by the Whydah Washashores, a freshly formed team of shanty singers produced up of acquainted local faces, predominantly from the Cape Cod theater scene.

Two highlights of the weekend will be themes, in accordance to Edwards, with Saturday as “Dress Like a Pirate” working day, even though Sunday is “Talk Like a Pirate” day. There will be accolades for the winners, as well as “on the spot SURprizes” given out, as spies circulate to hear for “best use of a pirate voice” heard in the crowd all through the day. A contest, held during the weekend, will award a everlasting name to the pirate village.