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PARIS: The preferred Amman-based digital artist Tamer Al-Ahmar’s perform pays tribute to the good divas

PARIS: The preferred Amman-based digital artist Tamer Al-Ahmar’s perform pays tribute to the good divas of Arabic tunes, including Asmahan, Sabah, Fairuz, Umm Kulthum, and Warda.

Al-Ahmar is the definition of a self-taught artist. Inspite of his childhood enthusiasm for drawing, he under no circumstances truly regarded as the possibility of turning it into a career. “In Jordan, there is a deeply rooted stereotype that is nonetheless undoubtedly upheld currently, whereby a single are unable to make a residing as a result of artwork,” he describes. “I strongly considered that I experienced talent, but by no usually means did I get this fascination seriously. I under no circumstances took lessons or workshops to make improvements to my techniques.”

But in 2009, Al-Ahmar identified the globe of digital artwork. “In the starting, I began drawing people and caricatures of my mates. But slowly, by dint of doing the job and experimenting, my expertise developed and arrived at a specialist stage,” he claims. “Afterwards, I went into the comic guides industry”.

Tamer Al-Ahmar is a digital artist. (Supplied)

Four several years afterwards, Al-Ahmar commenced to carve out his niche. “This transpired at a noteworthy time in my life. Again then I was starting up to get a wonderful fascination in Arab tradition, be it audio, cinema or architecture,” he explains. He commenced drawing pictures of the significantly-feted late Syrian singer Asmahan, who ranks between the region’s most crucial cultural figures of the 20th century. “Asmahan bewitched me. Her future was fascinating, but also tragic,” Al-Ahmar states.

His drawings of Asmahan are equally bewitching. “I drew Asmahan centered on my perception of her,” he claims. “I did not replicate an authentic photograph. Which is how my occupation really started.”

He began sketching other massively influential divas from the Arab entire world in a equivalent pop-art fashion, together with Umm Kulthum, Warda, Fayrouz and Sabah, as effectively as their male counterparts, which include Omar Sharif and Farid Al-Atrash. But it is his portraits of females that have verified most preferred.

“I thought a whole lot about drawing woman artists. They are icons that have experienced a defining influence on our day-to-day life and on the construction of our cultural identification,” he says.

The artist believes that his international achievements, specifically within the Arab diaspora in the United States and Australia, is based on two most important elements: “The reality that folks recognize that I present Arab society in an attractive and pretty way, and my huge pride in this society, which is obviously felt in my do the job.”

Al-Ahmar’s work has been recognized equally locally and internationally. In 2018, the French Institute commissioned him to make the poster for Amman’s Franco-Arab Film Competition. In 2019, he participated in the prestigious Arab Meeting at Harvard.

His perform is at present on present in two galleries in Amman — the Jacaranda Gallery and the Ali & Rama Gallery. In 2019, he staged an exhibition at the Jacaranda Gallery named “Lessa Faker” (Do You Bear in mind), just after a music by Umm Kulthum.

Apart from its obvious nostalgic enchantment, Al-Ahmar’s do the job continues to be timely and suitable — a sweet reminder of the far-reaching impact of gals in Arab culture.